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​Saene-Esmee is an International award winning professional Photographer specializes in Children's & Portrait Photography, from Newborns to Kids Fashion. 

Her photography is seen in international departments stores and many websites showing campaigns for kids fashion brands. Her fascination and interest in photography started in childhood. At the Art Academy in Maastricht (The Netherlands) she studied Photography and Fashion. After graduating, being a professional Photographer she was able to become a member of the "Dutch Photographers Association" of the Netherlands. ​

Her passion for Photography is seen in all her studio work, her Art Photography Projects and Kids Fashion Campaigns.

Customers include Brands: Dirkje Babywear, Koko Noko Kids, Ammehoela kids, Green Tom, Daily 7, Indian Blue Jeans, DJ Dutch Jeans, Lentigini Swimwear, Mini Ian, All Gems etc.

Interested in her Commercial /Kids Fashion/Fine Art Photography work? Check website:

For updates & recent work follow Instagram: @studio.saene & @saenesmee 

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